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Article in the Ursinus College Bulletin Summer 1968 detailing the life of Marion Gertrude Spangler and her career in music

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Article from the Ursinus College Bulletin January 1985 about Studio Cottage's transition from dormitory and music studio to a counseling center.

The document gives a summary of what the Bridge Program is about and the types of students that would benefit the most from it. It explains when the students will arrive, where they will reside for the four weeks, and how all expenses will be…

“Black and Beautiful” is a newspaper article contained in volume 67 of The Ursinus Weekly. Published on January 11th, 1968, this article serves as a form of student activism geared towards dismantling the white supremacy in the 60s and 70s.…

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A "Roving Reporter" Asks Students their opinions on the diversity of the campus. In it, many of the students specify one of two different opinions, that the campus lacks diversity, or it does not, and then explain why they think so in varying levels…

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In The Grizzly, published February 1st, 2007, Jon Gagas wrote “What’s going on with Exposure.” One evening the semester prior, Exposure had a potluck dinner where students of every color came together for a communal meal. Exposure is a group…

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In The Grizzly, published February 3rd, 2011, Joshua Walsh wrote “First African-American graduate to be honored,” recognizing and awarding William Robert Crigler who was the first African-American graduate of Ursinus College in 1956. After an…

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This article acknowledges the difficulties for Admission to initiate inclusion of black women on Ursinus College campus. In 1968, Ursinus and its students speculate how to outreach for black women to provide inclusion and diversity on campus.

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On May 23, 1968, Linda Richtmyre writes in The Ursinus Weekly
illustrating the necessity to actively acknowledge and the act of seeking after "the prospect of inclusion of any Negro girls in the next freshman class." There were difficulties seeking…
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