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The text focuses on a new course offered during the 2003-2004 course catalog as part of the new African American and Africana Studies progam. The course focuses on the diverse cultures and experiences within that of the African continent. It also…

A Picture of Regina Obler from the 1989 Ruby Yearbook.JPG
Dr. Regina Oboler is pictured in the Ruby Yearbook in the year of 1989. Dr. Oboler was a professor of Ursinus College's Peoples of Africa Anthropology course, a previous elective of the African American and Africana Studies program. The course…

This photo depicts Maggie Ussery (right) along with in the 2004 Ruby Yearbook. As the first coordinator of the African American Africana Studies Program, Ms. Ussery also taught SOC/WMS 264 Gender, Race and Work: a course investigating the…
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