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This image is of one of the professors who taught African heritage and Africana areas of study at Ursinus in 1999 — Dr. Nzadi Keita. She was teaching courses in this subject area before the program existed. Additionally, Dr. Keita was one of the…

Nicole Ivy Flyer.jpg
In 2017, The African American and Africana Studies guest Lecture Series was renamed the Rev. Charles Rice Speaker Series. Dr. Nicole Ivy’s lecture, “Circuits of Blood and Stone: On Enslaved Test Subjects and the History of Gynecology” was the…

Lori Tharps Flyer.jpg
Lori Tharps was a guest Speaker for the Rev. Charles Rice Speaker Series. Her lecture “Writing Identity in Multiple Worlds” was hosted in The Bears Den on October 25, 2017. During the talk, journalist, novelist, and memoir writer, Lori Tharps…

The Wave of the Future Flyer.jpg
In collaboration with the History and Music department, the AAAS program helped create the Riding the Wave, Creating the Vibe Series. This three-event series is connected to MUS/HIST-203 The Expense of Musical Appropriation and the Dividends of…

Badd Kitti Flyer.jpeg
Dianne Brieze Thompson also known as Badd Kitti was the final speaker in the Riding the Wave, Creating the Vibe series on November 11, 2019 in the Bear’s Den. Thompson’s, known for her soulful, conscious vibe, is a pioneer of Philadelphia’s…

“New Developments in Africana Studies” was the first event presented by the AAAS Program in collaboration with the Modern Languages Department. The flyer you see here was a preliminary flyer created by Dr. Keita’s son and was later renamed…

Modern Image of Peace Tree
These are pictures about where the peace tree existed. Gathered from various sources, most of which wishing to remain anonymous.

5 Pages from Grizzly Oct 29 1997 vol. 21 no 4.jpg
A recounting of supernatural occurrences in Unity House, Reimert Hall, and Shreiner Hall. Clamer Hall is breifly mentioned

Wilkinson ghost.jpg
First-Person account of a supernatural occurrence in Wilkinson
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