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An article in the Ursinus Weekly in which two women, Misses Neff and Duyrea, hosted the sophomore class and entertained them with food and games. (Article is in the middle on the left)

1907 Ruby- 79-81_Page_1.jpg
The class of 1909 had large number of women in its class more than any class so far. Depicted in white, there are 10 women to the 15 men in their class. The other two pages have all the members of the class.

1905 Ruby- 52-54_Page_1.jpg
This photography shows the larger than average amount of women in a class during this time. The women are wearing white tops and black ties in contrast to the suit jackets of the men in their class. Also attached is the list of all of the members of…

1901 Ruby-196-198_Page_1.jpg
Sophomore and Freshman class fight. The piece in the Ruby is a student submission and therefore it is both satirical and over the top in how it depicted class fighting into a major war.
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