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1901 Ruby 42.jpg
A photograph of the front of Olevian Hall, it used to be situated where Pfhaler Hall now stands.

1903 Ruby Between 22-23.jpg
A photography that shows what campus looked like in 1903, the most notable buildings are Olevian Hall, Freeland Hall, and Bomberger.

1906 Ruby-153-160_Page_4.jpg
A description of life at Olevian Hall written by Mary E. Long, class of 1906. She talks about things like the rooms, the women who live there, studying, and entertainment, all the while having a sense of humor.

History of Olevian Hall with personal stories throughout.

A article in the Ursinus Weekly that recalls the Halloween party Olevian Hall threw in 1904. (Article is in the middle on the right)

An article in the Ursinus Weekly in which two women, Misses Neff and Duyrea, hosted the sophomore class and entertained them with food and games. (Article is in the middle on the left)

Olevian Hall 1891.jpg
A photograph of Olevian Hall.
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