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Pledging Freshman Perspective 2000.JPG
A freshman provides a perspective on the disruptiveness of rushing, the negative treatment of sorority pledges by fraternities, and questions the traditions of hazing.

Pledging Meaningless Horrible 2000.JPG
An opinion article that addresses why Greek life's pledging activities are harmful, written by a fraternity member.

Greek Life Controversy 1998.jpg
This article provides an overview of the positive and negative criticism of Greek life, including pledging, service, and separatism on campus.

Students Debate Greek Life on Campus 1998.jpg
An argumentation class held a public debate on Greek life that covered contested topics such as academic excellence in Greek life, diversity, responsibility, and the role of Greek life in the community and student body.

Pledging Underway Once Again 1994.jpg
This news article reports on fraternity's Spring pledging and the number of new pledges that each fraternity has.

Dr. Margot Kelley Bursts My Bubble.jpg
An interview with faculty, Dr. Margot Kelley, that addresses rumor that she wants to sue Greek life for abuse of pledges. Dr. Kelley actually just criticized Greek life for promoting a lack of diversity on campus.

Roving Reporter sororities 1993.jpg
Student responses to whether or not there is a double standard with how sororities are treated by administration. These interviews were in response to faculty being allowed to visit sororities pledging activities due to a sorority being caught…

Control Pledging Power Abuses 1989.png
Unknown writer discusses the new revaluation of Pledging from the administration and stresses the importance of the process and concerns over abuse of power

Upsilon Phi Delta Approved 1993.jpg
The announcement of the approval of a new sorority, Upsilon Phi Delta in 1993. Their motto was "unity and diversity," and they were a service-oriented, diverse sorority that wanted to provide alternative social activities to alcoholic parties on…
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