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Chi Rho Psi 1993.png
The first picture of Chi Rho Psi in the Ruby yearbook.

chi rho psi.png
The Chi Rho Psi fraternity's last photo in the yearbook. It is assumed the organization died upon graduation.

point and counterpoint greek life.jpg
An opinion piece challenging the stigma against fraternities and why one should consider going Greek

Delta Pi Sigma 1951.png
The first year Delta Pi Sigma (founded 1949) was featured in the Ruby yearbook.

delta pi 2016.jpg
Photograph of the Delta Pi Sigma fraternity in 2016.

February 27th, 1981.png
Students pledging fraternities feel that professors look upon them negatively, because of the stigma attached to fraternities. The faculty complain that pledges fall asleep during classes frequently and are subjected to "degrading" behavior.…

Greeks grow with Chi Rho Psi 1992.jpg
The news announcement of the creation of Chi Rho Psi, the 9th fraternity on campus in 1992, with an emphasis on ethnic diversity.

Kappa Alpha Psi and Seismic Step emerge on campus, continued.jpg
Discusses the overnight diversity program and the entertainment provided by the Step Team and the Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity. The article also discusses the reasons why the fraternity had left campus twice due to the overall lack of members, in 1994…

Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity to participate in Spring intake.jpg
An article entailing the process that the organization was going through, including spring intake events, to establish their chapter on Ursinus college campus.

Kappa Alpha Psi 2010.jpg
The first year the Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity was featured in the Ruby yearbook
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