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Summer 2013 Crigler photos featuring Crigler friends and family photos as well as its annual talent show.

2012 Crigler photos featuring the calendar events, academic studying, recreational activities, Crigler family bonds, and the crigler talent show.

First Crigler class photos which features the calendar events of the program, pool party at the president's house, and more events.

The article highlights the Crigler program's goal and emphasizes why Dr. makes the program what it is according to a sophomore, Samuel Ragland.

An article about Paulette Patton's concerns for expanding the number of students being enrolled to the Crigler Program, and the consequential clarification for if the goal of the Crigler program is still intact.

Nikki Djambinov outlines how the Crigler program provided an environment for gaining a sense of adjusting to college life, and the impact figure leaders like Patton had on her.

Former students (Dayana Suncar and Nikki Djambinov) of the Crigler program speaks about her experience while they previously attended the program.

The article responds to white students' outcry in suggesting Crigler Institute's involvement of offering nonwhite students unfair academic advantages and the "self-segregation" they believe the program poses. While Ursinus upholds this program for…
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