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24 no 5 league of nations copy.jpg
Article outlining a debate on whether or not the United States should join the League of Nations

27 no 3 electricity ad copy 2.jpg
An ad by General Electric on the uses of electricity and how it has become a part of civilization.

24 no 2 endowment copy.jpg
An article talking about the progress made in the campaign and preparation for the upcoming months.

27 no 5 copy 3.jpg
Results of the straw ballot taken at Ursinus College. Hoover won the majority of the votes.

27 no 2 copy 2.jpg
A brief review of the chances candidate Smith has for winning.

intimate straanger weekly copy 2.jpg
The Junior class held a play about flappers along with various other themes that were prevalent in society.

vol 23 no 11 lib fund copy 2.jpg
A request for donations by the Alumni Memorial Library Committee for the library fund.

27 no 8 rally copy 2.jpg
People speaking in favor of Smith and Hoover, trying to tell Ursinus students how they should vote.

25 no 7 big camp copy 2.jpg
Ursinus begins efforts to raise money for the Financial Campaign, reaching out to alumni and students first.

1929 4.jpg
Poem in the 1929 Ruby describing women at the time being a "frivolous bunch of creatures", relevant to the flapper trend at the time.
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