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23 no 11 better ursinus copy.jpg
Explains why summer sessions at Ursinus ended and how the progressive policies of the directors means a bigger and better Ursinus.

24 no 16 fete copy 2.jpg
This article talks about the Valentine Fete that will be held in Bomberger Hall. Included in this excerpt is what events and food will be at the fete and how it is to be a "unique affair".

27 no 9 visual education copy 2.jpg
Details on the effects that film and other visual applications have on students in the classroom.

23 no 10 copy.jpg
A dance held to raise funds for the field house and field cage. The school expected all students to attend this dance.

24 no 9 big campaign copy 2.jpg
District report of the fundraiser that contains information regarding the location from which alumni are donating the most money to the Financial Campaign of 1925.

1929 Balance Sheet.jpg
The balance sheet for the year ending August 31, 1929


1929 2.jpg
Various pictures of students at Ursinus College in the Ruby of 1929.

24 no 19 copy 2.jpg
This article includes the total amount collected during the Financial Campaign and who it was from (students, alumni, counties).

23 no 10 new road copy.jpg
This article talks about a celebration that will take place in honor of the new road through Collegeville and Trappe. It also talks about the highway from Norristown to Pottstown.

Thomas Field Cage is scene of largest dance of the season, which was a Christmas theme.
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