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1929 Balance Sheet.jpg
The balance sheet for the year ending August 31, 1929


27 no 3 electricity ad copy 2.jpg
An ad by General Electric on the uses of electricity and how it has become a part of civilization.

27 no 1 copy 2.jpg
A large ad promoting the mellowness of Camel cigarettes.

24 no 2 copy.jpg
Life insurance company advertising students using their insurance to donate to their alma mater.

24 no 4 bobbing copy.jpg
An ad in the Weekly that offers haircuts such as shingling, boy-bobbing, and plain bobbing for the co-ed.

24 no 9 big campaign copy 2.jpg
District report of the fundraiser that contains information regarding the location from which alumni are donating the most money to the Financial Campaign of 1925.

24 no 11 copy 2.jpg
Description of the nationwide movement to establish peace around the globe. This article urges Ursinus students to pay attention to the World Court and U.S. relations with it.

24 no 16 fete copy 2.jpg
This article talks about the Valentine Fete that will be held in Bomberger Hall. Included in this excerpt is what events and food will be at the fete and how it is to be a "unique affair".

24 no 16 n-town copy 2.jpg
Ursinus author uses education and democracy to urge the citizens of Norristown to donate, as Ursinus is "the educational center of our County".

24 no 19 copy 2.jpg
This article includes the total amount collected during the Financial Campaign and who it was from (students, alumni, counties).
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