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1907 Ruby- 54.jpg
Biography of junior, Evelyn Amanda Neff. Evelyn, as stated by the editor, writes a joke bio.

1907 Ruby- 58.jpg
Biography of junior, Merion Stella Smith.

1907 Ruby- 79-81_Page_1.jpg
The class of 1909 had large number of women in its class more than any class so far. Depicted in white, there are 10 women to the 15 men in their class. The other two pages have all the members of the class.

1907 Ruby- 130-132_Page_1.jpg
A list of the members of team one and two, the managers of the teams, and the scores of the games played.

1907 Ruby- 130-132_Page_2.jpg
Two Photographs of the Women's Basket Ball Team one and two.

1907 Ruby- 132-134_Page_1.jpg
A list of the officers of the Tennis Association along with the members and tournaments.

1907 Ruby- 132-134_Page_2.jpg
A photograph of the members of the Tennis Association.
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