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1900 Ruby 24.jpg
The page shows the senior class of 1900 and the various executive positions of the class. Two women, Miss Elinor S. Lutes and Miss Vinnie O. Mensch, held two positions, Secretary and Historian. The class motto, colors, and yell are also included.

1900 Ruby- 119-125_Page_1.jpg
A list of eating clubs that would go off campus and eat at various restaurants as a group. The list includes: Academy Boarding Hall, Olevian Club, Fifth Avenue Club, Perkiomen Club, Alberta Club, Wesley Club.

1900 Ruby-25.jpg
This page depicts the variety of clubs, organizations, and majors the members of the graduating senior class were a part of.

1900 Ruby-39.jpg
Biography of junior, Katie Elizabeth Laros.

1900 Ruby-97-110_Page_02.jpg
An entry in the Ruby with all of the members and executive boards of the Glee and Mandolin Clubs.

1900 Ruby-97-110_Page_03.jpg
Photography of the Glee and Mandolin Clubs. Important note that all of the members are male which is understood by their tuxedo's.

1900 Ruby-97-110_Page_09.jpg
A series of jokes clubs that are satirical in nature and only appear in one edition of the Ruby. The list of clubs consist of - The Scalpel Club, Society of Green Turtles, East Wing Electric Club, Dramatic Club, Farmers Club, State Normal Club.

1900 Ruby-111-113_Page_1.jpg
A poem dedicated to the Co-Eds of Ursinus College. Co-ed was simply a term that referred specifically to the women of Ursinus.

1900 Ruby-111-113_Page_2.jpg
The women of Ursinus from the years 1899-1901. They were deemed the "Co-Eds."

1900 Ruby-111-113_Page_3.jpg
A photograph of the women of Ursinus who were deemed the"Co-Eds."
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