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1899 Ruby-127-130_Page_1.jpg
A collection of favorite quotations from all of the students at Ursinus College in the classes of 1889-1991 and Special Students.

1899 Ruby 114.jpg
The tennis associationn had an all women's team entitled the Olevian Tennis Club. This includes an executive board and members.

1899 Ruby 93-95_Page_3.jpg
A photograph of the women of Ursinus who were deemed the"Co-Eds."

1899 Ruby 93-95_Page_2.jpg
The women of Ursinus from the years 1899-1901. They were deemed the "Co-Eds."

1899 Ruby 93-95_Page_1.jpg
A poem dedicated to the Co-Eds of Ursinus College. Co-ed was simply a term that referred specifically to the women of Ursinus.

1899 Ruby 45.jpg
Biography of junior, Virdo Olevia Snider, in the 1899 Ruby.

1899 Ruby 44.jpg
Biography of junior, Vinnie Olevia Mensch, in the 1899 Ruby.
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