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January 30, 1981.png
With bids being handed out for spring pledging, Ursinus in 1981 is concerned with the lack of regulation on fraternities pledging process. Unregulated pledging allows fraternities to haze.

Grizzly Article November 14, 1980.png
In 1980, the Committee on Values suggested checks to be put in place to ensure the academic success and physical well-being of every student pledging a Greek organization.

Febraury 13, 1981.png
The Campus Life Committee and the Dean of students are regulating the pledging process by asking professors to keep records of academic performances of each pledge. Their hope is mitigate any harm pledging might have on their academic success.

February 27th, 1981.png
Students pledging fraternities feel that professors look upon them negatively, because of the stigma attached to fraternities. The faculty complain that pledges fall asleep during classes frequently and are subjected to "degrading" behavior.…

Frat vs Gang.JPG
The article compares fraternal activities to gang activities. The author states that a fraternity actually may be more violent than a gang. Affluent white men are allowed to get away with egregious crimes like sexual assault, racism, and hazing.…

October 27,1987.png
Ursinus College was cracking down on pledging and traditional activities of Greek life in 1987. Due to the Pennsylvania anti-hazing laws and faculty concerns, the Dean of students made a changes to the traditional pledging process. Sleep deprivation…

February 19, 1988 Part 1.png
A student who attended an open discussion about pledging's harmful affect on academic performance. The student was shocked to only see that four professors attended the discussion and that one had no concept of what pledging entailed. The open…

January 28,1988.png
In 1987, Ursinus was looking to draft strict regulations of the pledging processes for both fraternities and sororities. Reformation of the pledging process includes limiting the time frame in which Greeks are allowed to pledge and the creation of…

Beta Sig 1940.JPG
The photograph depicts all the brothers of Beta Sigma Lambda for the 1940 yearbook.


Beta Sig Lineup 1986.JPG
Beta Sigma Lambda pledges are subjected to go through a fraternal tradition called lineup. Lineup is illegal at Ursinus now. However, in the past pledges were forced to endure hours of humiliation and hazing rituals to gain membership into…
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