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The report is given attention by a group known as, "We're Just Saying Ursinus," and it poses recommendations for implementing more resources on the study of race and equality. The report specifically mentions one of these resources given notable…

Former students (Dayana Suncar and Nikki Djambinov) of the Crigler program speaks about her experience while they previously attended the program.

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This article from the Ursinus Magazine writes about Crigler's relation to Ursinus and what it means to him now that he has graduated. It goes into specifics as to where Crigler ended up and how he is still tied to Ursinus College.

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Dennis Watson dispels onto students that, 'participation' and 'presence' will be major benefactors to a students success in and out of the classrooms of Ursinus. Watson quotes, "Getting busy" will allow students to take control and steer their…

An article about Paulette Patton's concerns for expanding the number of students being enrolled to the Crigler Program, and the consequential clarification for if the goal of the Crigler program is still intact.

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Paulette Patton looks back on her time here with handling the Bridge Program/ Crigler Institute at Ursinus before officially retiring her status as Multicultural Director at Ursinus College.

This article shares the fact that the Summer Bridge Program will be changed, and it will be named after the first black graduate of Ursinus College.

An article summarizing W. R. Crigler's speech in the Wismer building about his experiences and the accomplishments it meant for future minorities at Ursinus College.

Nikki Djambinov outlines how the Crigler program provided an environment for gaining a sense of adjusting to college life, and the impact figure leaders like Patton had on her.
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