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Soothing the way for freshmen.png
An introduction to what the Bridge Program is at Ursinus College and what it does.

This article poses an argument on why it is significant to raise the conversation of race in CIE and especially crucial to those who are uncomfortable or afraid by the deeper understanding of race at Ursinus College.

Minorities advised to avoid drugs pt.1
Social activist - Herman Wrice- addresses bridge program students on the role illegal drug use can play to the derailing of a college education.

The article responds to white students' outcry in suggesting Crigler Institute's involvement of offering nonwhite students unfair academic advantages and the "self-segregation" they believe the program poses. While Ursinus upholds this program for…

Crigler Sophmore Photo1955 Ruby-2.jpg
Year Book Photo off William Crigler

The article highlights the Crigler program's goal and emphasizes why Dr. makes the program what it is according to a sophomore, Samuel Ragland.

Bridge ProgramActivites Schedule.jpg
The document speaks at length about the activities held during the program.

An article from the Times Herald that summarizes the Bridge Program

Paulette Patton.png
A picture of Ms. Paulette Patton posing for the article written about her in 2014 relating to her retirement.

Crigler summer bridge uc news.png
An article outlining the importance of the Summer Bridge Program (now the Crigler Institute Program) and the benefits one can reap from the program.
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