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The Weekly provided a presidential straw ballot for the students to mark and sign and then submit for counting. The results of this ballot were later revealed.

This article talks about the opinions of Ursinus students on problems that were relevant in 1932, foreign and domestic. These problems included: the progress of communism in Russia, Japan's unprovoked conquest of Manchuria, the execution of the…

An annual meeting of the Debating Association of Pennsylvania, which students from Ursinus College participated in, debated the issues of: war debt cancellation, the nationalizing of electric power and heat companies, Japan's conquest of Manchuria,…

This article describes the school's effort to create the science building

This short article heralds Ursinus' ability to attract large numbers throughout the depression. The freshman college of 1932 brought in record numbers in terms of students enrolled, a sign of how the school managed to keep afloat in spite of its…

A description of the additions made to Bomberger Hall over the year of 1933

A description of the science building's construction, its unveiling, and its opening.

The majority of Ursinus students, 268, voted for the Republican ticket (Hoover), while a strong minority, 154 in all, voted for the Socialist and Democratic tickets. This election marked a major shift in the political identity of the student body of…

This account of President Omwake's later years at Ursinus provides insight into the financial troubles the school had fallen into towards the end of the 1920s. The 1930s brought on many financial hardships for the school, which had just committed to…

A tribute to Cyrus H.K. Curtis, one of Ursinus' greatest benefactors, who at the time was dealing with a serious illness and would die shortly after.
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