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Bryanna Jones, Kaitlyn McGinely, Karolina Reyes-Santos, and Tori Williams

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Bridge Program 1990
An article that entails a summary about the Bridge Program at Ursinus and comments from Bridge Program participants.

W.R. Crigler
Year Book Photo off William Crigler

Bridges Program Activities Schedule
The document speaks at length about the activities held during the program.

Ursinus program geared to help minority students
An article from the Times Herald that summarizes the Bridge Program

First African-American graduate to be honored
This article shares the fact that the Summer Bridge Program will be changed, and it will be named after the first black graduate of Ursinus College.

Ursinus College Plays Host to W.R. Crigler
An article summarizing W. R. Crigler's speech in the Wismer building about his experiences and the accomplishments it meant for future minorities at Ursinus College.

Columnist Proposes Solution to UC's  Dearth of Black Students
An article from Ursinus Weekly explaining the lack of Black students at Ursinus and proposed solutions

Ursinus Bridge Program Introduces Minority Students to College Life.
A brief overview of what the Bridge Program entails in 1994.

Minority students advised to avoid drugs in college
Social activist - Herman Wrice- addresses bridge program students on the role illegal drug use can play to the derailing of a college education.
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