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FDR and the Democratic Party were assailed by Republican speakers at a political rally in the gymnasium at the height of the presidential election of 1932.

Representatives of the Socialist, Republican, and Democratic parties visit Ursinus students during a regular meeting of the Y.W.C. The program was largely held on account of the ongoing presidential election that year.

An annual meeting of the Debating Association of Pennsylvania, which students from Ursinus College participated in, debated the issues of: war debt cancellation, the nationalizing of electric power and heat companies, Japan's conquest of Manchuria,…

The majority of Ursinus students, 268, voted for the Republican ticket (Hoover), while a strong minority, 154 in all, voted for the Socialist and Democratic tickets. This election marked a major shift in the political identity of the student body of…

The mother of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Sarah, visits Ursinus, and speaks on behalf of her son as to his plans for the future of the country.

Professor Boswell discusses the policies and plans of socialism and anarchism, and then compares those to that of capitalism. In the end, Boswell used the example of capitalism to criticize the extreme stances taken by both socialism and anarchism,…

In this article, Ursinus students are chastised for their lack of interest in the country's affairs compared to their interest in foreign affairs. Specifically, a major source of contention, according to the author, is how he perceives how Ursinus…

Despite Antique Wording, Dodge Sheds Light on Labor Injustice

Dodge uses her column for the Washington News to shed light on the injustice of labor in a capitalist system. Despite “fluffy” wording and some racist undertones, the ideas Dodge…

News Front the Front as Brought to America by Mabel Dodge

Mabel Dodge seems like the mostly unlikely person to be writing about World War One. Dodge runs in circles of artists like Mina Loy, Lincoln Steffens, and Neith Boyce, who are…

Emma Goldman’s Radical Publication Diversifies the Conversation on Class and Labor Reform

Mabel Dodge’s role in facilitating discussions in the Village is revolutionary. Dodge’s modernist ideals about discovering new pathways of knowledge inform…
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