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Mabel Dodge: She’s Not Fickle, She’s an Early Feminist

Not long after her arrival in Paris, Mabel Evans became Mabel Dodge upon marrying Edwin Dodge, a well-known architect and budding Bohemian. Though still participating in the institution…

Edwin Dodge: The Figure Head to the Ship Headed for Divorce

If there ever was a real attraction between Mabel Dodge and Edwin Dodge, it was a brief romp at the very best. Dodge married Edwin almost immediately upon her arrival to Europe. The…

Floyd Dell’s Marketing of Feminism to Man

Floyd Dell’s “Feminism for Men” illustrates the complicated gender-based struggle of Bohemian women. Women of Bohemia, like Mabel Dodge, were forced to navigate a male-dominated world of artists…


Dodge Sees a Future for Equal Love and Marriage

Despite struggling in her own life with how the subordinate role of women prevented their full participation in open marriages, Dodge consistently looks forward to the future and believes in the…


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