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Mabel Dodge De-radicalizing Reform

Dodge serves as a bridge between radicals in art and reform and that role is evident in her contributions to the labor reform movement. Dodge’s active involvement and willingness to speak out about the…

Ada Chang Describes Pearl Harbor Bombings - Weekly1-29-1945(reduced).pdf
Ada Chang, a student at Ursinus, witnessed the attack on Pearl Harbor and recounts her story in the Weekly.

Page from The Ruby - 2002 (OCR).pdf
This page from the 2002 Ruby (Ursinus Yearbook) talks about how the students on campus responded to 9/11 and what they did to help those in need.

6. SFARC Proposal_ Polemic pt. 3-Exchange.pdf
Student newspaper article detailing various student-made efforts to change campus policies

10. Distilled Bill Approved-Campus Demonstrations.pdf
Written account of UC Board response to proposed Student Rights Bill

9. Bill of Rights Drafted.pdf
Written manifestation of the Ursinus USGA's Ursinus Student Bill Of Rights

8. USGA Dress Code-First Victory Editorial.pdf
Written account of USGA vote on dress regulations
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