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4. Lots of Protest-Polemic-whole opinion section.pdf
Student editorial concerning the Ursinus USGA and alcohol rules

7. Vietnam Moratorium-Reimert Dies.pdf
Written notification of Ursinus students on the death of William D. Reimert

5. More Protest-Skytop-Mass Meeting-Polemic cont_d.pdf
Student newspaper article detailing student assemblies and meetings with administration

delta pi 2016.jpg
Photograph of the Delta Pi Sigma fraternity in 2016.

Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity to participate in Spring intake.jpg
An article entailing the process that the organization was going through, including spring intake events, to establish their chapter on Ursinus college campus.

shorter rush period impacts thoughts surrounding greeks.jpg
Details the new rules for rushing and how they will make a positive change to the Ursinus College Greek community.

Editorial, Greeks and Sexual Harrassment during pledging.jpg
An argument by a student on how the Greek system promotes gender seperation and inequality

Dps 2014 November 13  gender neutral.png
instead of a Co-ed Binary, Delta Pi Changes to a Gender Neutral Organization
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