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Page from The Ruby - 2002 (OCR).pdf
This page from the 2002 Ruby (Ursinus Yearbook) talks about how the students on campus responded to 9/11 and what they did to help those in need.

Annual report.pdf
Former Ursinus President John Strassburger wrote to the parents of students about the then recent tragedy.

A button displaying the famous photo of three New York firefighters raising the American flag, found in Four Doors Memorial

Relief Article.pdf
Ursinus Magazine article discussing the production and dedication of the memorial bas-reliefs "Promise" and "Anthem".

Program for the dedication ceremony of the reliefs "Promise" and "Anthem".

Ada Chang Describes Pearl Harbor Bombings - Weekly1-29-1945(reduced).pdf
Ada Chang, a student at Ursinus, witnessed the attack on Pearl Harbor and recounts her story in the Weekly.

An article reporting on how the new blackout system has been installed and will be tested the next night.

Alumni Journal-Vol57-61-1959-63.pdf
A written piece by Jean Sillcox who lived in Vietnam with her husband who was in the military for a couple years beginning in 1958.

Alumni Journal-Vol62-64-1964-1966.pdf
A piece written about the various Ursinus men servicing in the Navy during the Vietnam War.

Alumni Journal-Vol86-82-1997-2000.pdf
A piece written about the athletic director, Brian Thomas's, experience while serving in Vietnam.
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