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picture of Ursinus college

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This color photograph shows the recognition of Eleanor Snell at the Ursinus College Homecoming halftime ceremony on October 27, 1984. Visible in the photo are Eleanor Snell and the coaches and managers of the 1984 Olympic Field Hockey team. Pictured,…

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Dr. Kwame Essien, an Associate Professor of History and Africana Studies at Leigh University visited Ursinus college on February 2, 2018 as part of the Rev. Charles Rice Speaker Series. Dr. Essien’s lecture “Traversing the African Diaspora:…

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The text focuses on a Religious (RELS-225) course offered as part of the 2019-2020 course catalog and as an elective to the AAAS minor. The course is a 200-level Religion course. The course focuses on historical and theological context to Black…
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