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TSM1963 (1).jpg
Curtain Club playbill from the production of "The Staring Match" at Ursinus College on May 10-11, 1963

TLGA 1961 (1).jpg
Curtain Club playbill from the production of "The Late George Apley" at Ursinus College during November 17-18, 1961

Pages from AlumJournal_Aug1968_Page_1.jpg
Article in the Ursinus College Bulletin Summer 1968 detailing the life of Marion Gertrude Spangler and her career in music

Newspaper article detailing the Air Force launching a program to offer admissions to UC grads. From The Ursinus Weekly, Vol. 58, No. 9, pp. 1

Article about how members of the Buddhist community protested a speaking appearance by the First Lady of South Vietnam at Princeton University. One of the protestors, Rev. Geshe Wangal of the Lamaist Buddhist Monastery of America had been a speaker…

Ada Chang Describes Pearl Harbor Bombings - Weekly1-29-1945(reduced).pdf
Ada Chang, a student at Ursinus, witnessed the attack on Pearl Harbor and recounts her story in the Weekly.

This image is of one of the professors who taught African heritage and Africana areas of study at Ursinus in 1999 — Dr. Nzadi Keita. She was teaching courses in this subject area before the program existed. Additionally, Dr. Keita was one of the…
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