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"The Only True Judge is God." November 14th, 1995.

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"The Only True Judge is God." November 14th, 1995.






Therese Tiriro


The Grizzly


Ursinus College






opinion article

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When all of the fuss over GALA's
meeting started, I sat by and watched. I
did not want to get involved, because I
felt that the uproar would disappear in a
few days. Then Dr. Nagy's first letter
appeared in the Grizzly. I was disturbed
by the manner in which he expressed his
views, but I still said nothing. When I
received this week's issue of The Griz·
:Iy with Dr. Nagy's second leuer, I was
so enraged that I felt I had to reply. The
contents of the "esteemed" doctor's letter
perturbed me.
First, Dr. Nagy made the brass assumption
that Gina Oboler was going to
apologize. It was, at the very least,
insensitive, ifnot downright obnoxious
of Dr. Nagy to assume that Dr. Oboler
. was going to apologize to him.
Second, Dr. Nagy continued to compare
homosexuals to adulterers and
pedophiles. This comparison is completely
unfounded. Homosexuals do
NOT infringe on any other person's
basic rights, and they only ask that
others treat them in the same accord.
Adulterers and pedophiles, while possessing
the lack of ability to control
their sexual appetites, as Dr. Nagy states
homosexuals do, also hun others in the
process. I can recall numerous times
when a young wife has cried because
her husband cheated on her, and I also
have had experience working with children
who are victims of incest and
pedophilia. I cannot recall a time when any homosexual has corne to me, or any
one I know, and complained that their
lover was a homosexual. I do not believe
that Dr. Oboler was encouraging
adultery and pedophilia, but rather encouraging
the fact that ALL people
should be free to love whomever they
choose, as long as that love does not
infringe on the personal rights of the
other individual. He also states that he
encourages people to overcome their
handicaps, insinuating that homosexuality
is one of those handicaps. Homosexuality
should not be considered a
handicap. People like Dr. Nagy tum it
into one.
Dr. Nagy writes about a young relative
who died of AIDS, and he writes
that the young man had been a cheerful
person until the misery of his behavior
began to torment him. What was really
tormenting him was the disease that was
ravaging his body. Later in his letter,
Dr. Nagy states that "this disease has
claimed the lives of many people who
do not engage in the activities that are
most likely to transmit it." I would like
to pose a question to Dr. Nagy. Ifthese
"innocent" people do not engage in the
activities that will transmit AIDS, then
how, pray tell, did they get it? It is true
that there have been cases where people
have received tainted blood through
transfusions, such as Ryan White. With
today 's advanced medical technology,
there are tests administered to blood
before it is used for transfusions to
prevent transmissions. In effect. the
only conceivable ways that a person can
acquire AIDS is through sharing needlesand sexual contact; not only homosexual
sex, but any sex. This fact is further
illustrated by the point that the fastest
growing group to contact AJDS is young
women. How would Dr. Nagy's theory
explain this?
Dr. Nagy also states that his view is
the most prominent one. It is almost as
ifhe is attempting to justify his opinion
about homosexuals by saying that it is
the majority opinion. The majority is
not always correct. Slavery is an excel·
lent example of this point. Yet, Dr.
Nagy would lead us to believe that any
view that is in the majority is automati·
cally the correct one.
Dr. Nagy writes in his conclusion
that two students who wrote in response
to his first letter came "dangerously
close to intolerance and bigotry" when
they said that they would not want to be
in his class. I feel compelled to agree
with those two students that they would
not want to be in a class with a professor
who disapproves of homosexual behavior.
Such a professor is not an open
minded person, and I do not believe this
environment is conducive to learning.
Dr. Nagy needs to understand the fact
that there are people in this world that
do not adhere to his moral standards,
and no matter what his opinions about
those people are. they 'till deserve his
respect as fellow human beings. Our
Constitution states that ALL men are
created cqual. This idea is included in
our Constitution, and the Bible s!\ltes
that we should not judge each other.
because the onl~ true judge is God. [EDIT this: fix line and paragraph breaks, SP]

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