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HIST-228: Struggle & Triumph: Modern African American History

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HIST-228: Struggle & Triumph: Modern African American History


The text focuses on a History course offered as part of the 2019-2020 course catalog and as an elective to the AAAS minor. The course is a 200-level History course. The course takes attention to African American's political, social, economic, and intellectual historical development of the United States. This historical reflection will allow for a complex understanding of today. This course is taught by Dr. Onaci.


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HIST-228. Struggle & Triumph: Modern African American History
This course explores African Americans’ contributions to the cultural, political, economic, and intellectual development of the United States of America and the world. By studying this history, we will learn about the varying perspectives that represent African Americans and gain a greater appreciation of the diversity within their communities. With the help of Africana political theory, this course will complicate our understanding of how the nation’s laws operate in times of calm and crisis, who historically has been entitled to the rights of citizenship and why, and how the nation’s people have viewed difference. We will emphasize African American leadership and participation in social justice activities, and will actively consider the various obligations of individuals, communities, citizens, and governments. Three hours per week. Four semester hours. (H, DN.)
Note: Students who have completed HIST-223 may not register for HIST-228.

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