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Combining Race and College

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Combining Race and College


Dr. Patricia Lott describes her new course “Race and the University.”


This article focuses on a new course called “Race and University” taught in Fall of 2018 started by Dr. Patricia Lott, an Assistant Professor of African American and Africana Studies. The course is described as a digital project where students create exhibits on a web- publishing platform called Omeka. These exhibits archive the history of race and racism at Ursinus College by students publishing archival evidence of racialization at Ursinus. Dr. Lott’s course focuses on institutionalized racism in American higher education, and how it has delayed marginalized groups, since the inception of the first university, from receiving higher education. The course also covers a plethora of different issues and historical moments associated with race and racism in graduate schools. This article was published on October 4th, 2018 by the Ursinus English Department.


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Ursinus College


October 4th, 2018


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