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A "Roving Reporter" Asks Students their opinions on the diversity of the campus. In it, many of the students specify one of two different opinions, that the campus lacks diversity, or it does not, and then explain why they think so in varying levels…

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This article acknowledges the difficulties for Admission to initiate inclusion of black women on Ursinus College campus. In 1968, Ursinus and its students speculate how to outreach for black women to provide inclusion and diversity on campus.

Pages from AlumJournal_Aug1968_Page_1.jpg
Article in the Ursinus College Bulletin Summer 1968 detailing the life of Marion Gertrude Spangler and her career in music

Pages from UCBulletin_Jan1985.jpg
Article from the Ursinus College Bulletin January 1985 about Studio Cottage's transition from dormitory and music studio to a counseling center.

Flamer proposal FULL.pdf
This is a compilation of primary sources all related to Jenneen Flamer's 1989 proposals for minority recruitment and retention. Jenneen Flamer was the Admission Counselor and Minority Student Adviser at Ursinus College in 1989. The first page is a…

AAAS book holdings.pdf
This is a one-page memo and one-page attachment from President Richard Richter to Yvette Dennis and Audrey Wade on April 2nd of 1990 regarding the college's library holdings in African-American Studies and plans to increase these holdings. The letter…

memorandum + student concerns (1).pdf
A one-page typed document recounting the events of the Minority Affairs Committee's March 23, 1989 meeting. The meeting begins with a statement about the goals of the committee (to discuss matters relating to students of color at Ursinus and promote…

student concerns.pdf
Three typed pages listing "concerns of current minority students" followed by suggestions for the following year. While exact date of creation and author are unclear, the sources were found in Richard P. Richter's 1988-1990 Minorities files, giving…

UC Seeks Diversity handout.pdf
This "Ursinus Seeks Diversity" brochure, distributed in 1989, contains a collection of lists and information which are specifically marketed towards students from diverse backgrounds (as stated on the second page: "For Students From Diverse…
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