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Article in the Ursinus College Bulletin Summer 1968 detailing the life of Marion Gertrude Spangler and her career in music

Pages from AlumJournal_Mar1957.jpg
Article from the Ursinus Alumni Journal March 1957 about the acquisition of Studio Cottage, 646 Main Street, 724 Main Street, 942 Main Street, and 944 Main Street.

Pages from UrsinusMag_Spr1971.jpg
Article from Ursinus Bulletin Spring 1971 announcing the death of Miss Marion Gertrude Spangler.

Pages from UCBulletin_Jan1985.jpg
Article from the Ursinus College Bulletin January 1985 about Studio Cottage's transition from dormitory and music studio to a counseling center.

(Feb. 10) Grizzly - UC Town Hall Meeting proved a bit disappointing.png
An op-ed by James Shelton describes his disappointment with how a recent town hall meeting on the discussion of racism at Ursinus was conducted

(Feb. 4) Grizzly - Hate crime discussed during meeting.png
Report on a town hall meeting discussing the vandalizing of an African-American teacher's podium with a racial epithet.

Screen Shot 2018-11-07 at 3.19.14 PM.png
This article acknowledges the difficulties for Admission to initiate inclusion of black women on Ursinus College campus. In 1968, Ursinus and its students speculate how to outreach for black women to provide inclusion and diversity on campus.

Screen Shot 2018-11-07 at 3.40.00 PM.png
Institute for Inclusion and Equity launch caps week of programming at Ursinus College. It was noted in the article of the reflection of interdisciplinary research on campus related to inclusivity and equity needing to identify and openly discuss…

(Oct. 28) Grizzly - Finally, Ursinus creates an arena for race relations.png
A screening of the film "Traces of the Trade" at Ursinus leads to a "dialogue about white guilt and white privilege"

commentary on sit in moevment pt. 1.png
In an Ursinus Weekly newspaper article from May 9th 1960, an unknown author commentates on the Sit-In movement which began earlier that year in February, when four black students from North Carolina A&T sat down at a Woolworth lunch counter in…
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