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This article acknowledges the difficulties for Admission to initiate inclusion of black women on Ursinus College campus. In 1968, Ursinus and its students speculate how to outreach for black women to provide inclusion and diversity on campus.

Art is the pulse of social consciousness. The Lantern is one of the first, and certainly the biggest circulation of art at Ursinus College. To find that a white woman is applauded for speaking from the black experience in the first publication of…

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In an Ursinus Weekly newspaper article from May 9th 1960, an unknown author commentates on the Sit-In movement which began earlier that year in February, when four black students from North Carolina A&T sat down at a Woolworth lunch counter in…

(Feb. 4) Grizzly - Hate crime discussed during meeting.png
Report on a town hall meeting discussing the vandalizing of an African-American teacher's podium with a racial epithet.
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