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The report is given attention by a group known as, "We're Just Saying Ursinus," and it poses recommendations for implementing more resources on the study of race and equality. The report specifically mentions one of these resources given notable…

2014Newsletter(BJ)-pages-1-2.pdf Paulette Patton_000.jpg
Paulette Patton looks back on her time here with handling the Bridge Program/ Crigler Institute at Ursinus before officially retiring her status as Multicultural Director at Ursinus College.

This article poses an argument on why it is significant to raise the conversation of race in CIE and especially crucial to those who are uncomfortable or afraid by the deeper understanding of race at Ursinus College.

Ben Settles and track team group photo

The times herald .jpg
Dennis Watson dispels onto students that, 'participation' and 'presence' will be major benefactors to a students success in and out of the classrooms of Ursinus. Watson quotes, "Getting busy" will allow students to take control and steer their…

A pamphlet giving a serving memory for Dr. Crigler, and it displays loving pictures of him throughout the recent years.

An article that entails a summary about the Bridge Program at Ursinus and comments from Bridge Program participants.

Crigler summer bridge uc news.png
An article outlining the importance of the Summer Bridge Program (now the Crigler Institute Program) and the benefits one can reap from the program.

Bridge ProgramActivites Schedule.jpg
The document speaks at length about the activities held during the program.

An obituary on the life of Crigler on a pamphlet that highlights his significance to Ursinus College and the community.
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