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This article talks about our current technological advances today, tracking items such as your purse or your set of car keys can be made easy with the creation of the Apple Airtag. With a simple keychain, you can find misplaced or lost items straight…

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This article talks about anonymous accounts sharing pictures without consent and cyberbullying. In 2013, an opinion piece was shared in The Grizzly written by Deana Harley.

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This image talks about the birth of social media also birthed a new take on beauty standards and expectations set for women. As a result, women of all ages, body forms, races, and disabilities, suffer from the effects of the perfect social media body…

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This article is a milestone in the Digital Age, as it is the first time that social media was mentioned in a Ursinus publication. As one can read in the article, the students at the time were ecstatic and anxious to finally implement the Internet…

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This article is discussing the implementation of private phone service. Ursinus College ended its AT&T phone service and began one with STC Services. There were multiple benefits for students, like fewer billings and waiting on available operators.…

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Computer Expansion Proposed piece of the grizzly. The article servers to show how computers and digital technology are becoming more prevalent on campus.

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Campus events showing the resistance movements to Nazi Occupation

Mark explains how the U.S should not get involved in this war across the ocean and wants the students to know how destructive a war will be.

Anonymous calling out other students who complain about being on campus, assuming they choose not to participate in on campus life
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