Residence Impact

One of the more stubtle ways the war's impact was felt was the changes to the residents of the Campus and greater Collegeville Community. In the aftermath of Pearl Harbor, the realities of the War in Europe and Asia, and its air raid drills, rationing, armed guards, blackouts, and rationing had quickly become commonplace a week after the attacks. In this issue of the Ursinus Weekly, you can see some of the articles published to address this new reality.

Among the Ursinus Weekly, in the aftermath of Pearl Harbor, the paper starts to promote articles related to the War effort,

One article discusses the nutritional value of canned foods, which is becoming increasingly important due to rationing becoming a more relevant peice of everyday life.

Another article showcases the debate team engaging with local high schools with the importance of the draft, though the opposing debate team from Temple withdrew from the event, believing that the events of Pearl Harbor made any anti-draft debate particularly useless.

Other articles also showcase some of the frontline action, with the British-led liberation of the Italian-held Eritrea, and what to do with it after the war.

As the war went on, and more students enlisted into the service, there was a sense of emptiness on campus. Curtis Hall in particular was addressed by the Alumni Journal was vaccated due to enlistment and would be used to host these servicemen in celebration for their service.

Overall, as the War becomes more and more relvant, the harder it will be to ignore back home.

Not every article discusses the war however, trying to uphold a sense of normalcy on campus. From an article advertising participation in a nationwide forensic contest, to reporting the results of collegiate sports, or simple Christmas Carols and local coupons for holiday shopping, these were the types of writings that you could find in The Grizzly today. Despite these respites of normal times, it's undeniable there was still a cloud of uncertainty hovering over the Ursinus Community.

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