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Miss Snell's Way: A Life-Affirming Organic Model Created in Sport
The dissertation explores a women’s way of coaching and being in sport that existed prior to Title IX. It considers a shift from an organic to a mechanistic coaching approach. An alternative model based on the concept of organicism and underlying…

The Ursinus Weekly, February 20, 1970
Emig's tenure ends; USGA holds election • President Helfferich retiring; Board of Directors outlines criteria for new President • Dean H. L. Jones hospitalized; recovering from heart attack • Festival of Arts to feature Sweet Stavin' Chain,…

Eleanor Frost Snell: A Lifelong Impact
In this article, Jen Shillingford reflects on memories of Eleanor Snell and the revolution in women's sports.

Recognition of Eleanor Snell at the Ursinus College Homecoming Halftime Ceremony, October 27, 1984
This color photograph shows the recognition of Eleanor Snell at the Ursinus College Homecoming halftime ceremony on October 27, 1984. Visible in the photo are Eleanor Snell and the coaches and managers of the 1984 Olympic Field Hockey team. Pictured,…

Ursinus College Field Hockey, Basketball, Softball and Tennis Records, 1931-1970
These Ursinus College field hockey, basketball, softball and tennis records cover the years 1931-1970 and were included in a scrapbook binder presented to Eleanor Snell at her testimonial retirement dinner in 1970. The records contain the number of…

Eleanor Frost Snell with Marjorie Merrifield Loomis, Fall 1953
This 1953 black and white photograph shows coach Eleanor Frost Snell and student Marge Merrifield Loomis standing on an athletic field at Ursinus College. Marge is wearing her hockey uniform and is holding a field hockey stick.

Eleanor Snell Retirement Scrapbook Page 105
This is the one hundred fifth page of a scrapbook assembled and presented to Eleanor Snell by her student athletes on the occasion of Snell’s retirement testimonial dinner in May, 1970.

This page features a photograph of Eleanor Snell with…

Portrait Presentation at the Eleanor Snell Testimonial Dinner, May 22, 1970
This 1970 black and white photograph shows the portrait presentation at a testimonial dinner for Ursinus College coach Eleanor Frost Snell. The event was held at a Holiday Inn in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. Visible in the photo are Jen Price…
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