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Alumni Library News


The most worth while news this week in the library campaign follows:
Several alumni have doubled their subscription to the fund. Others are contemplating doing so. Can you do this?

A loyal friend of the college remarks:
"The Ursinus alumni are a mighty poor bunch if they can't get $50,000 together for Alma Mater. They may as well close up shop if their success in life is to be measured by the meagre response thus far in the Library campaign." The most emphatic denials of this characterization must take the form of subscriptions from the two hundred and fifty or more bearing the degrees of the institution, who up to the present have turned a deaf ear to the Alumni Committee's representatives.

A professor in the College not an alumnus, has made a cash subscription to the library fund. This is a splendid type of loyalty to the institution. But doesn't it hurt that we as alumni haven't done our full share and that others must help?


Mar. 22, 1920




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