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This is to deny all rumors that the Library Fund has come to a stand-still. Somebody has tried to hang crepe on us, saying--"We are so sorry that the alumni of the College have failed to come to Alma Mater's assistance in honoring her soldier dead." On the contrary, we are much alive. Five hundred dollars was pledged this week. We have almost $5,000 in back. We have $26,000 pledged. Are we all in a fuss and fume because you haven't subscribed? Emphatically no! And why? Because as alumni we believe that you are loyal to your family--your college family--You will not desert your college family any more than you will desert your family of flesh and blood. Of course, we know--That you will fret and ache about Ursinus always wanting money. Of course she does. Dead things don't need money. You need money every day. That you will postpone your subscription until the last possible moment, perhaps evade the issue by not answering your representative's letters. But he hasn't given you up! That your sense of obligation, of loyalty, of appreciation will give you a restless conscience.


Feb. 23, 1920




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