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Three pages including the title page with a drawing, a list of why do and do not call on the girls, and "The Woman's Oractorical Union of Ursinus College"/ "The Motherhood Union."

Eastman’s “Parody” of Dodge Illuminates More Sneaky Sexism in “The Village”

Max Eastman’s novel Venture features a character clearly inspired by Mabel Dodge named Mary Kittredge. Dodge’s fictional representation by Eastman conveys her legendarily…

Contentment in the Self: Mabel Dodge Finds Strength in Herself After Reed

Dodge’s “Two Contentments” establishes how Mabel Dodge felt it was important for women especially to find fulfillment and meaning in themselves. Dodge understood the need…

Dodge’s “The Quarrel” Displays the Impact of the Poisonous Patriarchy on Bohemia

Mabel Dodge’s short story “The Quarrel” clearly outlines the web of conflicts created by women’s subordinate role in society at the dawn of the 20th century despite…

Dodge and Sanger Pioneering Female Sexual Liberation

Mabel Dodge and Margaret Sanger’s relationship illustrates Dodge’s quest to forge equality in heterosexual relationships and liberate the individual. Specifically, Dodge’s work with Sanger…

News Front the Front as Brought to America by Mabel Dodge

Mabel Dodge seems like the mostly unlikely person to be writing about World War One. Dodge runs in circles of artists like Mina Loy, Lincoln Steffens, and Neith Boyce, who are…

Mabel Dodge: She’s Not Fickle, She’s an Early Feminist

Not long after her arrival in Paris, Mabel Evans became Mabel Dodge upon marrying Edwin Dodge, a well-known architect and budding Bohemian. Though still participating in the institution of…

Letter to Mabel Dodge from Mina Loy about Love.JPG
Mina Loy was a young woman who Dodge encountered during her travel in Europe and maintained contact with throughout her life, similarly to the Steins. Only for Loy, Dodge was something of a role model. In this particular correspondence, Loy is…

Letter to Mabel Dodge from Mina Loy declining invitation.JPG
Dodge supports Loy in multiple ways throughout Loy’s artistic career, which is important because it illustrates the importance of a patroness in allowing an artist to produce. However, in Loy and Dodge’s relationship, Dodge takes on a role more…

Letter to Mabel Dodge from Mina Loy resquesting funding.JPG
Dodge occupies a dual role as not only a patroness but also an active part of Bohemia -- though she always exists on the fringe of being a true artist because of the economic and social status given to her by her aristocratic background. Burke…
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