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1903 Ruby-124-125_Page_2.jpg
A photograph of the members of the women's basket-ball team.

Carol Clark Lawrence 1973.jpg
Photograph of Carol Clark Lawrence one of the first African American women to graduate from Ursinus.

1902 Ruby- 91-99_Page_9.jpg
A photograph depicting the Chaminade Club's members, an all women's club.

1899 Ruby 93-95_Page_3.jpg
A photograph of the women of Ursinus who were deemed the"Co-Eds."

1902 Ruby-129-131_Page_3.jpg
A photo of the members of the women's basket ball team. There seems to be some sort of age gap between some of the women, which makes me believe that some women were from the Ursinus Academy. Note the dresses that the women are wearing are what they…

Glenwood Memorial 1962.jpg
A photograph of the memorial for the Pennsylvania Female College on Glenwood Avenue.

1903 Ruby Between 22-23.jpg
A photography that shows what campus looked like in 1903, the most notable buildings are Olevian Hall, Freeland Hall, and Bomberger.

The Ruby - 1897 -86-92_Page_2.jpg
A photograph and list of the members of the 1897 mandolin club.

The Ruby - 1897 73-85_Page_05.jpg
A photograph of the men's baseball team members.

The Ruby - 1897 73-85_Page_08.jpg
A photograph of the 1897 men's football team.
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