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Relief Article.pdf
Ursinus Magazine article discussing the production and dedication of the memorial bas-reliefs "Promise" and "Anthem".

Program for the dedication ceremony of the reliefs "Promise" and "Anthem".

College Adopts 3-Semester Year(reduced+OCR).pdf
An article on the adoption of a three semester school year to allow for faster graduation of students.

Handwritten draft of a piece contributed to the memories portion of the "Promise/Anthem" memorial dedication.

Dedication Booklet.pdf
Short booklet covering the creation on the bas-relief "Promise/Anthem" from the dedication of the piece.

Herber Announcement.pdf
Newspaper announcement of the confirmation that Denton Herber had been killed in action.

War Years Memories.pdf
Brief written pieces presented at the dedication of the Promise/Anthem memorial, many of which contain memories from alumni of the "War Years" classes.

The first article, titled "Monday, December 7, 1942" is a piece about how America has come together in the aftermath of Pearl Harbor and it is time to rededicate itself even further to pursuing freedom. The second article, "The War Hits The Small…

V-12 Contract001.pdf
The government contract explaining the specifics of the deal which allows Ursinus to host the V-12 units.
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