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Dance attended by fifty couples, emphasis on the fact that this event was inexpensive.

A student complains about the $1.50 required to watch Ursinus' football games, claiming that such an amount is "a fortune" during a time of economic depression.

This short article heralds Ursinus' ability to attract large numbers throughout the depression. The freshman college of 1932 brought in record numbers in terms of students enrolled, a sign of how the school managed to keep afloat in spite of its…

An aerial photo taken of Ursinus College in 1930

This article disproves the notion that colleges are hotbeds for radicalism and revolutionary doctrine, with its assurance that conservatism remains the dominant political thought on campus.

In this article, Ursinus students are chastised for their lack of interest in the country's affairs compared to their interest in foreign affairs. Specifically, a major source of contention, according to the author, is how he perceives how Ursinus…

In response to the Great Depression, female students at Ursinus stopped purchasing corsages, which were an "unnecessary expense," as they had done in the past in preparation for parties.

An annual meeting of the Debating Association of Pennsylvania, which students from Ursinus College participated in, debated the issues of: war debt cancellation, the nationalizing of electric power and heat companies, Japan's conquest of Manchuria,…

Article talks about plans for prom and the junior weekend

Two impersonations of German women presented at the Women's Debating Club leads to criticism of Hitler's oppressive policies in Germany.
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