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1905 Ruby-147-149_Page_1.jpg
Three pages including the title page with a drawing, a list of why do and do not call on the girls, and "The Woman's Oractorical Union of Ursinus College"/ "The Motherhood Union."

1907 Ruby- 130-132_Page_1.jpg
A list of the members of team one and two, the managers of the teams, and the scores of the games played.

1987 Alpha Chi Sigma.JPG
Photograph of the first year of the fraternity Alpha Chi Sigma in the 1987 Ruby.

1988 Alpha Chi Sigma.JPG
Photograph of the fraternity Alpha Chi Sigma in the 1988 Ruby.

1990 Alpha Chi Sigma.JPG
The last year of Alpha Chi Sigma, now a co-ed fraternity, in the 1990 Ruby.

Alpha Delta Phi 2016.JPG
Photograh of the Alpha Delta Phi society in the 2016 yearbook

1907 Ruby- 79-81_Page_1.jpg
The class of 1909 had large number of women in its class more than any class so far. Depicted in white, there are 10 women to the 15 men in their class. The other two pages have all the members of the class.

1899 Ruby 93-95_Page_3.jpg
A photograph of the women of Ursinus who were deemed the"Co-Eds."

A article in the Ursinus Weekly that recalls the Halloween party Olevian Hall threw in 1904. (Article is in the middle on the right)

A Ursinus Weekly article that tells the events of Junior Prom in 1905. (Article on top right)
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