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Law in San Francisco that allowed same sex couples to formalize their relationship.

AH UM UH Feb 19 1991.JPG
Offers tongue-in-cheek advice for heterosexual males on how to behave around gay males.

GlobalPerspectives Oct 1 1991.jpg
The National section mentions both a spike in "gay-bashing" and a woman campaigning for all health care workers to be tested for AIDS.

USGAminutes October 16, 1991.jpg
Mentions briefly what GALA will need to do to be approved by the SAC (Student Activities Committee).

GALAComesOut Oct 22 1991.jpg
The GALA organization details its start and purpose, with instructions for finding out more information via executive board members of the organization or through a provided list of faculty contacts.

GlobalPerspectives Oct 29 1991.jpg
States that the SAC has approved GALA but that the faculty still has to approve the organization.

ClarificationOfGALA Oct 29 1991.jpg
Michael Cyr addresses and refutes critiques and coverage of GALA.
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