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"No More Crap!" November 19, 1991

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"No More Crap!" November 19, 1991


John Ronning's letter on GALA.


Katie Jones sympathizes with GALA and condemns Ronning for the tone he took in his letters.


Katie Jones


The Grizzly


Ursinus College


November 19, 1991

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Since its formation, GALA has had to put up with a lot of unnecessary crap. You may find my use of the word "crap" to be a bit crude. I could have used a nicer term like harassment, or slack. Personally, I do not find any other word that quite expresses my disgust for the article written by Mr. Ronning in last week's edition of the Grizzly. I would have never expected this "crap" to come from the mouth of a seemingly educated member of the faculty, let alone someone who teaches in a LIBERAL arts atmosphere.

I may be speaking a bit harshly. I truly believe that every individual is entitled to their own opinions. Every individual has the right to is entitled to his own opinion [sic]. I know some people have not accepted the fact that the voices of the gay culture are becoming more audible each day. Some people find that particular way of life repulsive, or sick. I understand that the whole concept of homosexuality may be totally incomprehensible to many. Speaking from a heterosexual standpoint, I can not conceive what it feels like to be a gay or lesbian. There is nothing wrong with my admitting so. But, I feel that a person is a certain way for a reason and I have to respect their preferences. Being a homosexual does not make you a pervert, a partner to sheep and dogs, a child is just a character difference which does not retract from being a good or bad person.

Ronning has every right to feel the way he does. I am objecting most strongly to the way he expresses those sentiments. I do not know from which source he found all of his "documented" evidence he so eloquently wrote about. I would merely like to state that sick perversions are just as prevalent in the "straight" culture, if not more so. I pity any of Ronning's students who may be questioning their sexual identity. I would advise them to keep quiet at least till final grades have been submitted.

I give those members of GALA much credit for their courage during the past month. I am truly sorry for the senseless grief which has been thrown in your face.


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