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No Funds for Bomberger

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No Funds for Bomberger


Bomberger Tower was dismantled earlier in the year 1978 due to major safety concerns. Nails had loosened and wood had rotted after over 80 years of exposure to the elements. This article details the announcement that the college still cannot afford to restore the tower to the way it was before it was razed.


Ursinusiana, The Grizzly, 1978-1979, November 10, 1978, pp. 1, 6.


November 10, 1978




The Grizzly, 1978-1979, November 10

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Funds are not currently available for the reconstruction of Bomberger Tower, a traditional campus landmark. The structure was recently disassembled because of the irreparable decay of the building's wooden peak and joints in the four stone corner posts.
The primary concern of the maintenance department was to remove the wood and tiles so any accidents could be prevented this winter. It was feared that a heavy snow fall might bring down loose tiles or even the whole structure.
The four corner posts are made of Pennsylvania blue marble. James R. Rue, keeper of the archives, has a memorial piece of rock from the first ground breaking ceremonies in 1891. He said that the original builders wanted to design a structure tat was useful as well as beautiful.
Special Materials
A great deal of detail was put into the tower. The materials were carefully chosen and the tower positioned as effectively as possible. The red clay tiles were imported from Spain. They will probably be reused if a new tower is built.
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Originally, the plans showed a belfry and a clock. An 1891 issue of the Ursinus Bulletin even had a sketch of the tower with a clock, but due to a lack of sufficient funds, the idea was abandoned. The tower was also supposed to be 14 feet taller than its present 97 feet, according to Dr. Calvin D. Yost, former Ursinus professor. but again, cost was the restrictive factor.
At this time, there are no definite plans to rebuild the tower. President Richard P. Richter commented that the main concern was safety and the decision to remove the tower was made after the budget was drawn up. He also stated that the college will actively be seeking donations to fund the reconstruction.

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