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"Editorial," November 12, 1991

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"Editorial," November 12, 1991


Magic Johnson


Opinions Editor Steven Grubb argues that the cause of Magic Johnson's contraction of AIDS doesn't matter; rather, we should learn from him and protect ourselves.


Steven E Grubb, Opinions Editor


The Grizzly


Ursinus College


November 12, 1991

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Earvin "Magic" Johnson's shocking revelation that he had tested HIV positive is truly a tragedy. For a man that positively affected billions with his athelitc prowess and decent conduct on and off the court, his contraction of the fatal AIDS virus will affect people in an entirely different way. As should be expected from this class individual, he will use his unfortunate circumstance to help others. With the same vigor with which he dunked basketballs and assisted his teammates, he will put out the message that NONE of us are invincible. One regretful sexual or drug-related experience is all it takes.
Whether Magic was a homosexual, cheated on his wife or used an unclean needle does not matter now. What does matter is that we all realize, especially while we are young and vibrant, it only takes one slip-up and our lives can come to an abrupt end. Magic Johnson is only one of millions to contract the AIDS virus. But what sets him apart from the others is that as a heroic public figure, he shows us that EVERYONE is subject to this dreaded disease. If a vibrant personality with exceptional athletic talents can contract AIDS, so can the intelligent college student. Remember that!



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