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"The Cave." October 24th, 1995.

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"The Cave." October 24th, 1995.






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I wish to state that I believe that everyone has the right to voice their opinions. In last week's Grizzly Dr. Douglas Nagy did this, and this week I offer my rebuttal to his article.

I am not a member of the school's homosexual community, but still I was offended by what this professor wrote in his paper. We were all treated to a grand little lecture of the Judeo-Christian standards for sexual behavior, and how homosexuals are deviants.

After reading it, I was fuming with anger.

I'm very, very intrigued as to just what the standard Judeo-Christian sexual practices are these days.

I know what people in 17th Century New England thought they were. They used to sleep in beds with boards between them and their spouse. They put scarlet letters on women and men who had affairs. They were not allowed to dance or show any skin other than hands and face.

In that time homosexuals would have been hanged for their deeds. Let us not forget, Dr. Nagy, that in that time, chemists, or alchemists, would have also been hanged. They
were called "witches."

If I am interpreting my Bible correctly, people who have premarital sex are sinners. People who have sex for pleasure rather than reproduction
are sinners. People who masturbate are sinners. By the looks of this, probably not a single, solitary soul here at Ursinus is fit toenter Heaven, and all will bum in Hellfire for all eternity. 

Well, imagine that. I guess most of us are deviants, eh?

I think that sex is something which is part of nature. All animals do it, and so do we. It is actually a beautiful thing, not something of deviance. This concept applies to any situation in which two people who care about each other make the mutual decision to "do it." Whether these people are man and woman, man and man, woman and woman, or a group of men and women, it is their right to pursue their own desires.

Even if I didn't include sex in this discussion, I believe that Dr. Nagy's comments are wrong. Not all gay and lesbian couples are sex fiends. Some, and I believe this to
be the majority, are in it for love or
at least companionship. So what if their love is for someone of the same gender as they are ... it is still love. You never know who you are going to fall in love with, it just happens.

Whether homosexuality is caused by something genetic, or is merely a choice, it is about something much higher than deviance.

I know too many people who are unable to find love.

If one man's happiness is found in another man's arms, I say good for them. I'm happy for them.

Just imagine, if everyone was able to find someone who truly loved them, male or female, how truly Heaven-like this earth would be.

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