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Ursinus Union Apparently An Instant, Smash Success

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Ursinus Union Apparently An Instant, Smash Success


Although the ceremony that opened the union was brief and contained no more pageantry than the simple cutting of a ribbon, it was a landmark in the College's social development. The Union is open now, this is no longer news. However, how the students have received the Union is news and this is what the Weekly wanted to find out. We did!
Everyone concerned with making the Union what it now is should be proud. Students had nothing but praise for this fine new accomplishment. "Wonderful . . . amazing. . . unbelievable" and "long over due" were some of the comments that students made about the Union. No one was displeased although a few procedural questions were raised by some of the students.
Mark Trishman and Bob Gassel, two members of the program Board, reported that operating difficulties were being ironed out and very shortly everything should be down to a routine. They also remarked that the snack shop was a great success and that the income from the recreation machines in the basement had been far greater than had been expected. After only one week in operation both Mark and Bob feel that the Student Union has been very successful even in comparison to the Unions of other schools that have long been established. Bob felt that this was partly due to the constitution of the Union while Mark added that we try harder. Also they mentioned that they were going to begin a campaign to educate people to the fact that this is their Union and it would be appreciated if they would keep it as clean as possible.
As far as the actual use of the Union is concerned, it is also a success in this aspect. The televisions are constantly on, the meeting room is being used by numerous organizations and the volume of traffic that the snack shop and recreation room are receiving needs not be mentioned. Students are also getting more mileage out of the lounges by using them for studying in the day and hold movies or coffeehouses in them at night. The classes and the USGA are making use of the offices in the basement, so as one can see every usable area of the Union is in operation.
Even though the Program Board's budget was cut back, they still are able to provide adequate entertainment as last week's activities proved. More concerts and a variety of other activities are promised.

A Special Note of Praise
Most people are unaware that people like Bob LeMoi, Mark Trishman, and Bob Gassel, to name a few (and there are many others), donate their time and efforts--they do not get paid! In the past couple of weeks they have almost been there night and day seeing that the opening of Union would be as successful as it was. The Weekly feels that these people deserve a special note of praise for their actions.


Mar. 1, 1973


Joe Van Wyk


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