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Alumni Library News


Dear Fred:
I was talking with the secretary of the Alumni Library Committee the other day. He showed me the list of the members of our class who have not yet subscribed to the fund, and I was surprised to see that you were one of the few who hasn't come across.
Now see here: Do you remember back in your Junior year how you used to stand up on the East Wing steps with some more of these fellows who haven't subscribed, and howl about the alumni who didn't support the college as it deserved, and how you hoped to Sam Hill that if you ever got a diploma that you'd never get to be an old fossil. And now! Here we are, alumni of comparatively few years standing, and I find that four out of the six members of that group of alumni-knockers and fossil-denouncers are non-subscribers to the memorial library. If we were not separated by two hundred miles, I would come over to Philadelphia and give you a piece of my mind.
Do you remember Sam? He was always growling about "conditions at Ursinus," but I can't see that he has done anything to help since he left the place. Yet when you compare what certain more or less offensive members of our class have done in this drive with the efforts of the "reformers," I am sure you will be ashamed.
Unless you want me to call you a fossil and a few other names which came readily to your tongue when the loyalty of the alumni of earlier days was under discussion, you will sign your pledge card for at least $100 and send it to our class representative. We must raise our quota or be forever shamed.
Your class-mate,

P.S.--I've changed my mind about that one hundred dollars. Make it two hundred.


Dec. 8, 1919




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